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Freestyle Skating

Schedules are subject to change.

  • Click here to view our monthly Freestyle Schedule.

Freestyle Pricing and Information

All skaters must check in and pay before skating. Skaters not checked in will be asked to leave the ice.

Note: We have now automated our monthly and 20 pass cards. You will receive a receipt when you purchase the cards. The Front Office will hold the cards and debit them per the daily sign-in sheets. We will notify you when your card has a low balance or at the beginning of each month.

  • 20 Session pass (60 Minutes) - $340.00
  • 60 Minute single session pass - $20.00
  • 90 Minute single session pass - $30.00
  • Guest Fees
  • Off-Ice Fees
    • $5 per room per hour
    • You must sign in and pay at the Front Office plus coaching fee.
  • Price varies per instructor
  • Check with off ice coaches for specific class times and coaching fees. Private training also available
  • All cards are valid for 1 year from date of purchase.

Rising Stars

The Rising Stars Program, offered during freestyle sessions, is the most cost-effective way to help young skaters begin their figure skating training. The Rising Stars Team is for skaters working on Basic 2 – Basic 5 Learn to Skate USA curriculum. This program is a fun, economical way to introduce skaters to a “training program” while working in a small group format. The program is also a natural next step for the skater who “aspires” to be a talented skater.

This program is recommended in addition to private lessons and skating twice a week.

Tuesday Spring Session:  April 26 – June 21st, 2022

Skaters will work on:

  • Warm-Up and Practice Drills
  • Edges, turns, stops, and beginning spins and jumps
  • Goal setting (both long and short term) and practice planning
  • Skating choreography and musical interpretation

We also prepare skaters for their first figure skating tests and competitions!


  • 30-minute class (minimum 3 skaters)
  • 30 minutes practice time on freestyle session
  • Students are required to purchase 1 freestyle session per week for their class ice time.

Cost: $270** - 9 weeks, meeting 1 day per week 

Tuesdays during 4:30-5:30pm freestyle

**Price listed is for the class only.  Freestyle sessions ($20 per hour) can be purchased with Discount 20 Pass Card, or pay as you go. 

There are no refunds, cancellations or make-ups.

Please contact Karen Cohen-Prosnitz for more information

Click here for registration form and the attached flyer

2018-2019 Competition Results

North Jersey Figure Skating Club

North Jersey Figure Skating Club

The North Jersey Figure Skating Club became fully chartered within the United States Figure Skating Association in 1959 and in 2004, we proudly partnered with  Ice Vault Arena.  North Jersey conducts monthly USFS test sessions and a number of other events throughout the year. Current and past club members have become Olympic, World, and National medalists, participants and/or team members.

NJFSC is the culmination of over 50 years of skating activities and planning plus literally thousands of volunteer hours united by a common love of figure skating.  Whether you are old or young, a skater, parent or spectator, we hope that you will  enjoy the figure skating showcased by many of the wonderful athletes in our club.  Our thanks go out to the volunteers, officials and partner ice rinks whose volunteer service and expertise is the foundation upon which the NJFSC is built!

Freestyle Guidelines

  1. No pair teams or ice dance teams allowed during freestyle sessions.
  2. All skaters must check in and pay before skating. Skaters not checked in will be asked to leave the ice.
  3. All skaters must clear the ice when the resurfacer enters the ice.
  4. Program and lesson skaters have the right of way. Please be aware of the skaters around you. No talking in the middle of the rink. Move to the boards when you are not actively working.
  5. No food or drink on the ice surface.
  6. In order to keep the ice clear, coaches should try to stay on the perimeter.
  7. Skaters should exhibit a cooperative attitude to each other and avoid confrontation. Lower level skaters should be aware of faster skaters and more advanced skaters should act as role models for lower level skaters.
  8. Any conflicts should be addressed to the Skating Director or rink management and any action will be taken at the discretion of the management.

Guest Coach Policy - Click here to view our Guest Coach policies.

Please check our website regularly for updates to the schedule.

If you would like more information on Learn to Skate Lessons, please contact Karen at (973) 628-1500 or by e-mail

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