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Why advertise at the Ice Vault?

The Ice Vault Arena currently operates all year offering programs for skaters of all ages - Figure Skating classes and performances, High School, College, Travel and House Hockey Leagues and tournaments. In addition to primary exposure to those actively participating in the various skating programs, family and friends of the participants are also attending events at the Ice Vault.

  • Seating for 700 spectators
    • 300 spectators per rink with expansion capabilities
    • 100 spectators in our restaurant which overlooks each rink
  • Affluent area
    • Highest per capita income (2001 - $61,581) are in New Jersey.
    • Median Age - 38.2 years.
    • Average Household Size - 2.75 people.
    • 84% of people over 25 years of age are high school graduates.
    • 66% employed in management, professional, sales and office occupations.
  • Over 400,000 facility members and visitors per year.
  • Arena co-located in Wayne's major recreation area of football, soccer, baseball and softball fields. Fields are used for recreational, high school and adult games against other North Jersey towns providing high visibility for the arena.

The Ice Vault Arena offers a wide variety of advertising opportunities for your business.

  • Dasher Boards - Various locations on the perimeter of each rink.
  • Restaurant - Naming rights and logo placement in our 3500 Sq. Ft. elevated restaurant
  • Party Room Complex - Naming rights and logo placement in our 1700 Sq. Ft. Party Room complex - adjacent to the restaurant.
  • Banners - Each banner will be prominently hung from the rafters in each of our rinks.
  • LED Advertising

For more information on advertising your business at the Ice Vault Arena, please contact Mariann Reiss:

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